Lea Longo

Hello Lea! Glad to join your fan club. Listen, i recently change my way of seeing life and i'm new in this kind of music mantra yoga meditation stuff. I know that you give shows every first friday somewhere in montreal and i would like to go one day just to ''dive'' in this kind of reunion filled with music, songs and good people who have the same taste and way of living like me. But i'm kind of shy, don't really know what to expected once joined at your show. I know nothing about mantras and yoga and just trying to meditate. Can you reassure me? Thanks a lot!

Lea Longo responded on 03/27/2014

Hi Gilles, so happy that you took the plunge to join , yey !
I understand what you are saying...no worries, there are many people that come and it is their first time. They end up coming again because it is so peaceful to do this together ....you dont need to do anything , really., you can sit , close your eyes and then when you feel like chanting , you do! simple ... I explain everything at the beginning and you will see and feel what works for you, none looks at none and everyone is in their own space and bubble but yet we are all together too :) its a nice feeling.... check my website for the next one i believe its at Equlibrium yoga next friday night ( 1st Friday) looking forward to meeting you ...Namaste

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