Lea Longo

Hi Lea....
I'm now one of you many fans ;-)
And I look forward to working with
you 'In The Light', for the forthcoming
'Festival OM Montréal'. But even more
importantly, in the pleasure of better
knowing you and developping our
warm and luminous friendship.
Sincerely, 'IO' xox

Ohhhhh... A Question ;-)
OK... Yes... Here's a good one !!!
Could I get from you the complete
collection of your 'MUSICAL WORK'
on Audio CDs ?
Like Jean, I'm an 'Audio Purest',
kinna of an 'Epicurean' of Sound
& Music... And I would love to
discover your artistic evolution and,
in a way, who you really are by exploring
your art and passions ;-)

How's that for a question !!!! LOL L&L, IO xox

Lea Longo responded on 02/06/2014

yes 2 CD's for you when I see you :)

thank you for your kindness

we will have fun !

a bientôt!


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